"I am so pleased with myself! I looked everywhere for a better price, but I just love my shoes. So warm, so friendly. I told all my girlfriends about it. My shoes are just the talk of the town! I'm not sure what I'll use them for, but I'm sure I'll think of something! I'm just so very creative I could just die! I love my free time!"
 - Annita Boner


"Who the TAFF would ever shop here?! Don't waste your taffin' time. Complete taffer!!"
 - Gralnach Skeeverhole


"Yer, de purstur ers de shurt! Wur be gurten a nurdur purstur vurdy so. Vurdy goo verbseet, lurk et aloot!"
 - Furken Ershewl


"Praise Mary I found this site! My clammy dump hole of a house was really stinkin' up the city! Not to mention my personal life! Forget about it! Then I order up some of these flossy posters! Are you kiddin' me?! Now the pad is lookin' fly, Im gettin' fresh with the ladies and my toilet's workin' again!! Do me a personal favor, pick yourself up some. I pray to 'J' you'll thank me later!"
 - Spicy Wrinkle


"YO!!!! What the HELL dude??!?!! I ordered my stuff like a month ago! It FINALLY showed up yesterday and all the posters smell like total CAT SMEAR! I mean, its more like I hung up some cats BUTTHOLE on my wall, instead of a poster! My whole apartment freakin' stinks like open ASS!! I didnt pay good money for my flat to smell like meadow muffins. Thanks for nothin, you stinker!"
 - Da Kats Azz